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Stories, not guides.

In addition to writing, like many people I have a passion for travel. I recently started a Travel Blog, more or less.

Yes, because in fact I never write the classic travel guides. I swear I tried to, but it's not exactly my style. 😇

Going by trial and error, I think I found my niche after a few months. I mainly write travel stories, enriching them with my reflections. Yes, I know, I can't keep my writing spirit under control, I'm aware of it.

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La Paz featured photo
La Paz: the Slanted City
Uyuni featured photo
Uyuni: only by heart


Egypt featured photo
Egyptian cats, Egyptian frogs

Hong Kong

Hong Kong featured photo
Drops of Hong Kong


Orchha featured photo
Fantasy Orchha


Subiaco Featured photo
Italian Colors Quest
Cinque Terre Featured photo
Retrieving Cinque Terre
Roma Featured photo
You are Rome
Italy by Bike Featured photo
Italy by Bike: amazed after every Bend


Kamakura featured photo
Kamakura Steps
Japan featured photo
Japan knows me


Luang Prabang Featured photo
Luang Prabang calling

North Macedonia

Skopje Featured photo
A dive into Skopje


Lisbon featured photo
Sorry, Lisbon

South Korea

Busan featured photo
The Evening in Busan

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Featured photo
The temple, the man, the magic


Tamsui Featured photo
I see Tamsui
Taipei featured photo
Intense, intimate Taipei


Istanbul Featured photo
Istanbul is a Cat


Danube Delta featured photo
Ukrainian Danube, last Day of Summer

Cross Travel

Cafe Featured photo
Open when Closed
Writing Travel Featured photo
Travelling and Writing Entangled