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Keyboard Echoes - Writing

Keyboard Echoes Page

Short stories, thoughts, musings, articles on narrative techniques and more.

In this section of the site I collect articles on various topics.

I have identified five categories:

- Short stories, which may also have some autobiographical sparks
- Musings: articles of meditative mark and non-fiction
- Ego-thoughts: descriptions and reflections depicted from an individualistic way of seeing things
- Metawriting: articles about my works and the narrative techniques I use
- #20Again: the rejection of fatigue in a society that rejects death

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White Rock featured photo
If I were a White Rock
Rising Water Featured photo
Watching the Rising Water
Walls and Casemates featured photo
Walls and Casemates
Asterisk featured photo
Raised on Asterisks
Traveled Again featured photo
Upps!ala, I Traveled Again
Eyes heart featured photo
7 with my Eyes, 1 with my Heart


Nothing Pending featured photo
Nothing Pending
Road Trip featured photo
Journey, okay. And Destination?


My Novels in brief photo
My Novels in brief


From the Terrace featured photo
From the Terrace