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Privacy Policy of the website strayidler.com

This website does not use cookies, nor does it collect or process personal data. Not even anonymously or for statistical purposes.

Any data communicated by contact via email or by messages via Social Media must be considered exclusively as a communication towards a private citizen and will not be subject to any collection or processing. The author of this website will not send any newsletters to the email addresses that have contacted him, he will only interact relating to its contents on a private basis.

In case the user's navigation is tracked by ISP, servers, host of this website, also for statistical purposes, the author of this website informs the user that the aforementioned statistics or tracking activities are beyond his knowledge and (obviously) of his control. In case some of these statistics are made available for consultation to the author of this website, he will monitor that these statistics do not allow the univocal identification of users or individuals.

This website contains external links, mainly (but not only) to other platforms or Social Media used by the author of this website. Since the author cannot verify and guarantee the updating and development of the contents of these external websites (although they have been previously used or visited by the author himself), the user is advised to adopt an appropriate caution approach before clicking. The author of this website cannot be held responsible for any damage or repercussions resulting from visiting these external websites.